Metamorphosis is the pre-eminent provider of Content Coaching for teachers, coaches, and administrators. Content Coaching is a process for transforming schools and districts into high-performing learning communities where a culture of learning is embedded at every level. This pioneering coaching method, developed by Metamorphosis’ Lucy West and Antonia Cameron, focuses on the essential links among deep, flexible content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and the development of collaborative habits of mind. Metamorphosis works side by side with schools and districts to build capacity at all levels, and to help individuals and groups of teachers to design, implement, and reflect on rigorous, differentiated, standards-based lessons that promote student learning through improved instruction.

Metamorphosis is a community of committed educators and Master Coaches, led by Lucy West and Antonia Cameron, authors of Agents of Change.

“When coaching is designed well, coaches can help semi-skilled teachers as well as skilled educators refine their practice on the job in all essential areas…and help to ensure that every student is working with a highly-qualified, caring teacher. “

– West & Cameron, Agents of Change

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