Jeff Todd, on the Sadlier Math Blog, writes about his PD experience with Lucy West, and shares 3 PD resources from Lucy West.

One of the most powerful professional development experiences for me was working with Lucy West. She was hired as a consultant to the urban school district where I was working as a middle school math coach. Her work with our district transformed my view of professional development and changed the way I teach. I am thrilled to be able to share three resources from Ms. West with you. MY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE WITH LUCY WEST I got to experience this

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How a More Thoughtful Approach to Exit Slips Improved my Teaching. By Anjali Deshpande, Ph.D.

Like so many teachers, I wrap up a lesson and with a few minutes left in the period, I hand out my exit slips.  My students work quickly and quietly to jot down their solutions.  As students finish up, I move around the room and pick up their slips, meanwhile the students pack up.  Class ends, students leave.  It’s now my prep period, so I sit down and scan and sort my exit slips and I track the results.  I

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