An Exciting New Version of Rename the Number! By Sarah Ryan

Rename the Number is an incredibly flexible math routine that develops number sense.  It appears in many curriculum materials under different names (e.g. Today’s Number, Number of the Day), encourages creativity and flexibility with numbers and operations, and can fuel rich discussions about patterns in our number system and the behavior of operations.  Last year, two 5th grade teachers at Young Leaders Elementary School in the Bronx, came up with a brilliant modification of this routine that helps students write

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Can We Talk? Lucy West & Yitzchak Francus*

Changing the day-to-day culture of schools from one in which adults work solo in silos has been a focus of the many leaders and researchers who understand that professional learning is the key to student learning, and that professional learning requires collaboration. Yet, the schedule in the vast majority of schools leaves minimal time for teachers to study and improve their practice together. Real, sustainable, change in any organization must address the cultural norms and interactions that prevent improvements. Peter

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